The Rose of Roscrae

The Rose of Roscrae

" An American Masterpiece isn't strong enough to describe the significance of this saga…. there's never been anything like it on the American music scene. "
Mike Hurshman, KAFM Radio, Colorado
 Breaking News! Tom Russell…The Great American West
"One to the Heart, One to the Head," the collaboration between Gretchen Peters and Tom Russell is now available from The record is a side project for Tom and Gretchen, and celebrates the west through the songs of: Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Ian Tyson, Rosalie Sorrels, Mary McCaslin and others…it includes Gretchen singing Tom's song: "Guadalupe." Filmmaker Eric Temple termed the record: "A masterpiece: not a bad song on the record."

Paul Zarzyski writes:

The title, One To The Heart, One To The Head, could suggest, among a plethora of metaphors, a duet of beautiful deadly blows. A double-shot of love or something other. A one-two punch. A brace of kisses. The virtue of mercy, twice-blessed. Any way you cut and call it, we're talking Gretchen Peters' and Tom Russell's soulful cowboy-music universe paralleling the musical universes of, say, Allison Krause and Robert Plant, or Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler. Beyond the prowess of the vocals, however, and beyond the virtuosity--especially the keyboard artistry of Barry Walsh flashing us back like glass-plate sepia tones of piano men sitting 16-hands-tall aboard opera house stages of the horseback 1800s--and beyond the top-shelf production work of the recording studio, shines Gretchen Peters' genuine love for the emotional landscape, solace to chaos, of our contemporary West and the songs that keep it honest.


The cover art for the record is available at in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Elko Cowboy Poetry gathering is looming next week: Tom and Eric Temple will preview an excerpt from their film "California Bloodlines." After that: Tom will be in Texas performing in Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio….see dates at

See you on down that road………